About me


I am Daniel Nagy a drummer and drum instructor.

Over the past 15 years, I have participated in studio recordings, live performances, master classes, festivals and have gained valuable work experience that I am excited to share my knowledge with students of any level.

I’m very passionate about the drums but even more passionate about teaching and inspiring new and current drummers.

My story:

My addiction to music started in a school camp, in the summer of 2000, where i started listening to the Blink 182’s Enema of the state album. I really liked their unusual sound, the tempo, and the shrill, high pitched voice of them, although I had no idea what they were singing about. I was driving my classmates crazy asking them continuously about this music genre. What genre is that? I asked them, That is punk!, they replied. What? I asked in panic, so had I become punk too?

The spring of 2001 was the next turning point in my band’s life, when two friends of mine and i decided to start a band, and we were going to be a world-wide known formation. We all took music lessons to have a clue about playing our chosen instruments.

Soon after the first songs, the first guitar solo, drum solo were born, but bass solo… I can’t remember:)

Our early attempts to play music propelled us to form the best thing of my life, the band called Fekete Teve, in english Black Camel.

Playing in this band was essential for me the next 9 years, it took up all my free time, we started playing gigs in Budapest at first, then as our music became better known in Hungary, the band could reach to play in more and more cities.

I took drum lessons on a regular basis for 5 years, from teachers such as Daniel Jékey, and Zsolt Korompay. Thinking back to learning to play on the drums I was very enthusiastic, and hard-working. I tried to transcribe many Blink 182’s songs in order to evolve in writing music, and improving my time-keeping skills. At the start I didn’t have a drum set, so I practiced on literally everything couch, chairs, bed, my knees, you name it. Half a year later I got my first drum set which was a Century drum with 6 toms. When i learned something new I always applied it to the songs, regardless of groove being compatible or not.

As time passed, my knowledge broadened I acquired skills in playing different hand techniques, hand-leg combinations and awesome rhythm patterns. During my drum lessons I encountered various music styles such as blues, funky, drum ‘n bass, and a bit of latin, and plenty of different bands that became my new favorites: Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slipknot, Steve Vai, Magic Malik, Steve Coleman, Weather Report, Sting, Dream Theater, Kings’ X, The Meters, Muddy Waters.

As I learned the basic rhythms of jazz, latin, blues, I knew that, i was not going to play in these sort of bands, but I would use their pulse, and style in our music, for instance I applied swing, reggae, and bossa nova.

In 2009 I joined the well-known Hungarian punk-rock band Alvin és a mókusok, and toured with them for the next 6 months. It was one of the best experiences, I’d ever had, I could see the professional bandit action. I learned a lot from them.

At the end of 2010 I became the drummer for Nonverse. We were 3. Atis, Viki, and myself. We were playing a lot of gigs all over Hungary for 4 years. We played with The Subways, The Grenma, Fankadeli, and many more.

Besides playing in bands, I took part in the Drumline drummer talent show, and I won the “Best Video” category with my cover video of Travis Barker and Yelawolf: Whistle Dixie. I made a drum video for the Dobmania drum camp drummer compation, and I finished 4th. from 50 participants, with this video.

The next year I had side projects. My friends invited me to join a 50’s, 60’s surf , rock n’ roll cover band called The Wipeouts. Another invitation was from Csodagyerek a synth-guitar based pop band. I had never played before that kind of band, it was fun for me and an invaluable experience.

The Daniel Nagy Drum studio was established on 20th December 2015 in order to inspire people to learn, and play on this amazing instrument, and to make music that makes them happy.

Thank you for reading.