Drum lessons

I believe in the inspiring, understandable music education, what it needs to the enjoyable making music.

The way I approach my lessons is entirely based on your goals and personal needs, whether you want to play the drums just for fun as a hobby or you want to commit 100% in order to achieve master skills, I will share my experience and knowledge with you.
I have two FG Custom drum kits with Zildjian cymbals, one for me and one for the student. This guarantees that you will be playing the drums for the full 60 minutes, without having to swap around. Unlike other music schools, you can make as much noise as you like playing!

Some key subjects covered in lessons include:

Fundamentals of musicianship
– Posture, balance and relaxation
– Hand and foot techniques
– Reading
– Keeping time
– Subdivision
– Grooves
– Application of rudiments
– Independence between hands and feet
– Playing with others
– Developing musical creativity
– Styles of music (rock, pop, electronic, funk,)
– Writing and performing solos

I’m very passionate about the drums but even more passionate about teaching and inspiring new and current drummers.

More than anything, these lessons are to be fun!

I have availability to teach on Tuesdays between 2pm-10pm, Saturdays, and Sundays all day (9am-7pm).

If you are interested in booking some lessons, or just want to have a chat and ask some questions, please feel free to get in touch using the contact details included below.

Tel.: 00 36 304091187

Email: info@danielnagydrum.com